2.4 GHz cordless telephones and wireless computer routers may interfere with the camera system.  They may operate on the same wave length (signal channel) as the transmitter and receiver.  Although the phones are not affected by the transmitter, the cameras receiver is designed to accept a wide range of bandwidth.  This is how it achieves distances over normal 2.4 GHz appliances.  Because of this, the phone's signal will bleed into the picture causing it to jump around.  2.4 GHz routers are not as problematic but some will interfere when in close proximity  The problem is not limited to when you are on the phone.  Your phone broadcasts a constant signal.  The only way to combat the problem is unplug the phone's base unit.  In most cases, you neighbor's phone will not be a problem as it's not within the same dwelling as the cameras receiver.  900 MHz and 5.8 GHz cordless phones or routers WILL NOT cause you any problems, only 2.4 GHz phones.  If you cannot live without your 2.4Ghz cordless phone this is something to consider before investing in a camera system.

This problem is not limited to our systems.  Anyone selling a 2.4 Ghz based systems will have the same problem.  We're one of the few who will tell you first.  At present 2.4 GHz systems are the only option for good video transmission as the FCC restricts the power or applications of other signal ranges.