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This is our secondary website.  It contains the same products although a little less information than our main web site.  We keep it online as it helps you find us.  You are welcome to stay or visit our main Barn Camera website at www.foalingcamera.com .


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In 1997, Riverwind Supply emerged as the first video company solely dedicated to designing and selling wireless barn cameras.  More than a decade later, we are still the industry leader with tens of thousands of barn camera systems in use across the U.S. and Canada.  For many years, our primary customer was the horse breeder.  In recent years those raising cattle, goats, sheep and pigs have found the convienence and profit saving benifits of the wireless barn camera.

Our original barn camera design has over the years become the industry standard. Although it has been copied by most, none have matched our camera quality, wireless reception and pricing.  After 17 years of volume buying, our wireless barn camera prices are lower than the competition.  Click here for a comparison chart.

We provide easy cost effective solutions for recording your camera on your computer, viewing from work or broadcasting an internet barn cam for all the world to see.

Because our weatherproof cameras are made to hold up in a barn, they are the perfect choice when looking for a driveway camera or for other outdoor security uses. 

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